Printable Award Ribbons Of Award Ribbon Printable Coloring Pages Awana

Printable Award Ribbons Of Award Ribbon Printable Coloring Pages Awana

Printable Award Ribbons – Use for expected template tracing: print onto white card and card out, later use as a lead for tracing. great for pencil govern confidence.

For pencil govern for younger children: cut the template shapes out of white card and ask your child to pull straight lines across from side to side or summit to bottom. You could plus easy question them to colour in the shape, or occupy it past circles, or past zigzags… and for that reason on.

Also for younger children, use as a base for tissue paper collage: clip from card and ask your child to scrunch occurring small pieces of tissue paper and paste to the base

Print onto colourful paper and use as a prickly ruckus for scissor practice

For scrapbook projects: clip shapes from our scrapbook paper or giftwrap. If you are using our scrapbook paper you could print the design on one side and the template on the put up to – easy!

For display: print directly onto coloured paper or card and clip out

Make stencils: clip out the inside of the template and use in imitation of a sponge or big brush for stencilling fun

Make mobiles: clip a selection of shapes and string them together like fishing parentage or thread

For printing: use the templates to clip shapes from craft foam or thick corrugated card and use for printing shapes

For card making: clip colourful shapes using the templates and glue to a card empty (or try making a pop-up card later one of our templates popping out inside)

Here are 4 more crafty ideas, including wool collage, bleeding tissue paper and suncatchers.

Here are some more ideas for using our templates in painting projects

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